One of the top priorities I’ve had through every job and career move was that customer service is all important to me. My goal is always to help someone like you to have a successful result with the assets I create for you.

Born in Calgary, AB and moved back 7 or 8 times now, I did my first paid photo shoot at the age of 16, followed by years working on newspapers, running photography studios, working as an art director for local, national and international clients at a marketing agency, being lead graphic designer for a wine label company, freelancing in communications, graphic design and marketing and so much more.

When I returned to school to study graphic design in the late 1990s, I discovered that graphics programs came easily to me and I wound up helping tutor many other students in my classes (and sometimes the instructors).

Aside from being a natural with graphics applications on the computer, I’m also a multi-instrumentalist – primarily playing guitar – and have released many songs on streaming services and on CD. I also love being in the mountains, and am very fond of dark beer and Single Malt Scotch.