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Website Building: Starts at $500

For a site that most small business and home business people need, you can save a lot of money by creating the content yourself, which I can guide you through, and then I put it all online in a nicely designed and very functional site that you can put unlimited pages on – for which I charge $500.

Of course you may need a little more help with the content – which I can also do.


Email List Building:

I know it sounds antiquated in this social media crazed society we live in, but email marketing is still about the most effective way to sell products without having a bricks and mortar business. From a simple monthly email to keep your business as top of mind to specials you run for specific times of the year to running a full online-only business with a funnel that gets the right customers in front of the right sales message. And there are several mailing providers who you can use free when you’re less than a few thousand subscribers.

Content Creation:

If you have a site you want to add information to, I can help you with that. I can create content or oversee specialists to make sure you get top-notch information on your site. What kind of content would work for you?


Social Media – Strategy Planning, Content and Scheduling:

Tying your marketing into social media can create a wonder synergy between them to make each more effective. You can have me help you strategize directions for content, as well as have me build your content as needed. I can also set you up with a scheduling app so that you can minimize the time spent on putting content online by doing it in batches.

Consulting and Education:

From editing your site for effectiveness to teaching you what you need to know to update your site on your schedule to helping plan your marketing, social media posting and more. If you have questions I’m here to help you get the right answer with individualized information specifically for your needs..

Whatever level you want to work it, having an email list should be one of your top priorities in your marketing mix, and I can help you get that happening quite easily (and can be included free in your basic website building package.)

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